“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,” it is Christmas time once again. The day is celebrated on the 25 December to honor the birth of Jesus Christ every year. Christmas is an exciting festival, winter, snowfalls, Soups, eggnogs, cakes, gifts, decorations, the color red and green, the trees, the lighting, and jingles make this perfect cozy holiday to spend time with family, time to have fun vacations, and for kids, it is all about exciting gifts, decorations, and games. It is Christmas with a virtual online Santa Claus. Bhavans Smart Indian school celebrated Christmas on the 22 December 2020 virtually.

Santa, I have been good, where is my gift? Says the Kindergarten Smarters of Smart Indian School on the Christmas Eve. The tiny tots came dressed in shades of green and red attire to give a festive vibe. They watched the story of the Birth of Jesus, learning the importance of the festival and spreading peace, patience, and true love for each other. The merry-making continued when the kids moved their feet to the music, played games and laughed all day. The celebrations had its catch when the kids worked their hands on a beautiful Santa lantern craft making, carefully etching it to make a Santa on the lantern. The kids also bubbled with joy on hearing the announcement of their vacation by their beloved teachers. The kids stood posing with their beautiful lanterns marking the end of the day and in – turn a whole year.

True smiles were first discovered when primary, middle, and high school students and teachers in groups had entertained the participants through dance, and songs. Eventually the gathering had found the joy, and everyone was in smiles. The importance of Christmas Day celebration was well explained through fun-filled skit, fact-based speeches, and exciting short stories.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School expressed his overloaded blissful joy that students and teachers had celebrated the day cheerily as one family spreading love and peace and wished everyone ‘May peace, love, and prosperity follow you in 2021.’ A special word of appreciation to KG supervisor Ms. Rajini Menon and her team, student’s council members for making this day a memorable one.


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