A life free from stress and positive thoughts are the essence of existence – was the main highlight in the session organized for Teachers and Students in recognition of World Mental Health Day at Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait by Mr. Radhakrishnan Govinda and Ms. Nita Radhakrishnan, Faculties-Art of Living Foundation. The two days online session planned on 2 October and 10 October 2021 under the able guidance of the School Chairman Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, leadership of Mr. Mahesh Iyer-Principal, Ms. Albin Daisy Vice-Principal and KG Supervisor Ms. Rajni Menon, was coordinated by the School Counselor Ms. Anju Jacob.

The Day 1 session commenced with the notion that stress is a prevalent and costly problem in our daily life and excessive stress can have serious consequences in our behavioral, physical, and psychological response. Mr. Radhakrishnan elucidated that the best way to manage stress is to learn healthy coping strategies and ‘Stress Management Techniques play a pivotal role for leaders, managers and staff members to deal with changes in a healthier way. The simple exercises demonstrated for teachers by Ms. Nita was energizing and soothing. She made a point of need to spend quality time every day, to carry out simple exercise which would assure one’s overall healthy physical and psychological development.

Mr. Radhakrishnan focused on the wellness of teachers who deal with different personalities on a day-to-day basis and the need to manage themselves should be prioritized which would pave way for healthy stress-free relationship between the teacher and the student. He reiterated regular meditation and following a proper diet plan as the best tool and extremely effective measure to keep personal and work-related stress under control.

The day 2 session lined up for students by the team started off with the importance of observing World Mental Health Day on October 10 every year. Miss. Zainab, Cultural secretary, and student who has taken Psychology as a subject in Grade 11 spotlighted in her Welcome note, the importance of positive mental health and reinforced the fact – mental health is a necessity for people of every age. Mr. Radhakrishnan started the session with the importance of Mental health in the World Health Organization definition. He rejuvenated the listeners with the important levels of existence and the possible strategies to be accompanied to achieve the same. He also emphasized the need to remain happy and peaceful by staying away from happenings that would trigger stress and affect one’s wellbeing.

Next, the Counselling session rendered tips and techniques to overcome academic and personal related stress among students, accomplish desires, dealing with anxiety, fear, disappointment, to overlook sadness, anger, and the importance of living in the present which would serve as a connector between happiness and peace.

Ms. Nita reminded the online attendees the common sources of energy namely food, sleep, calmness, meditative state of mind and breath which would keep them active and the need to do simple exercises with special focus on all parts of the body. She also captured the attention of the listeners with short meaningful stories and the need to look at things from others perspective which would to a great extend bring about a shift in the way one thinks. Furthermore, breathe as a powerful tool to control anger and remain calm was demonstrated to the attendees through simple relaxation exercises and finally the team explained simple and easy meditation to calm the mind and build a healthy perspective towards stressful situation.

The session concluded with the closing thoughts rendered by Mr. Mahesh Iyer, who emphasized the importance of practicing yoga and retaining the information shared by the resource team to lead a healthy positive life. He also appreciated and thanked Mr. Radhakrishnan and Ms. Nita Radhakrishanan for accepting the request to conduct the two days sessions for the benefit of teachers and students and he assured to apply the principles and techniques learnt in the session in everyday life to fetch the best result. Master Abdul Hadi, Head boy, in his vote of thanks extended his warm and heartfelt gratitude to the management for organizing a program which triggered positive attitude in the attendees.

The two days most wanted energizing session concluded with an appreciation certificate presented by Mr. Mahesh Iyer to the wonderful speakers with a takeaway message that positive stress-free mental health paves way for healthy living.


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