Bhavan’s SIS’ triumphant  Annual Day-‘SRISHTI 2018’

Bhavan’s Smart Indian School testifies a glorious entry of an annual function into its chronicle as it celebrated its maiden Annual day ‘Srishti 2018’.

A rainbow of colors unfurled in the invocation dance performance of our enthralling students, ending with a tenacious note among the assemblage after the formal lighting of the ceremony. The luminant guests of the day consisted of Prof. Abubacker, Principal, Scholars Indian School, UAE; Dr.Shamil Ally, Guyana Ambassador to Kuwait; Mr.N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavans, Middle East; Mr.Ahmed Ali Judiyan Al Begeeli, Director, Smart Indian School; Mr. Krishnadas Menon, Director, Bhavan’s Middle East; Mr. Prem Kumar, Principal, Indian Educational School; Mr. Arul Dharmaraj, Principal, Integrated Indian School, Mrs. Radhi Raveendran, Principal, Jack and Jill and Vice Principals of Indian Educational School, Heads of the departments and teachers of different schools.

An ardent rendition by the choir groups of French and Hindi dispelled the feel to not only admire the familiarized songs but to be serenaded going beyond borders.

The accomplishments in the name of Annual Report was brought to fore by Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Smart Indian School revealing all the treasures that prettified the castle of Smart Indian School during the academic year 2017-2018 through students who acted as News Readers.

A musical feast luxuriated in the train of orchestra through the plethora of beats culminated in the various explosive expression of rhythms.

The amalgamation of skits, dance, singing and musical band under the canopy of cultural program journeyed the spectators from unfolding happiness through myriad of sentimentality that life offers in the passage of our existence to the spellbound feel of loving life in the end.

The theme behind every performance was stupefying and jaw-dropping. It was all on – the cherubic first grade students’ skit performance on happiness, seraphic portrayal of honesty by Grade 2, surprisingly selfless presentation of sacrifice by Grade 3, electrifying depiction of courage by Grade 4, jarring display of gender equality by Grade 5 through a mesmerizing mime, witty witness of wit a portrayal of appreciation by Grade 6 and confounding battle of life (virtue)depicted by Grade 7 followed by the love to pursue carpe diem in every day’s life by Grade 8.

The Arabic department’s skit and dance  headed by Ms.Shaima the administrative manager was noted for its feet tapping number and the magical quality of life driven through encouragement. 

The memento presentation took a special turn to monumentalize each and every holder to forever bring the moment down the memory lane. The culmination of human values ended with  respect towards the disabled was portrayed as the Indian National Anthem was brought forward through  sign language.

Hence the program ended on a jubilant note as the guests and the audience left the auditorium reminiscing their good old days.

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