A Rhapsodic Fantasia Invigorates Kindergarten Graduation at Bhavan’s SIS

The inception of Bhavan’s Smart Indian School has been permeated upon the rudimentary principles of ingenious progression in the evolution of our posterity and 17 February 2018 was marked  as a  red letter day  in its chronicle.

The splendacious and opulent  annual day cum graduation cermony commenced with lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the honourable  guests for the morning  and evening sessions:  Mrs. Georgia Grossman, Principal of Al Resala Bilingual School and Mr. Leo Michael Grossman, Mrs. Hana Marzouk Alenezi, Supervisor of the Department of Social and Psychological Services from the Private Section in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Dherar Khaled Alrabah , Chairman and General Manager, Al Danat,  Mrs. Rehab Boresli, Chairman of the Kuwaiti Society for Guardians of the Disabled, Mr.N.K.Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavans Middle East escorted by   the Principal of SIS- Mr. Mahesh Iyer.

The anchors of the  morning and evening progrmas welcomed the audience with warmth and ebullient gratitude. Usually the propensity of kindergarten graduation is held amidst cultural programme but this year the concept was perceived with a resplendent execution of entertainment.

The performers of the evening hauled the audience into Fantasia, a mythical realm inside the minds of five little dreamers who make a wish to live a moment of their desire. The spellbinding performance of the Effervescent Genie took the audience into a Fantasy World  where frontiers simply do not exist.

The creative minds of the k-teachers weaved innovation into a colorful tapestry of artistic prolificacy. The ensorcelling spectacle featured a fine assemblage of every child’s desire to be in a Candy Boulevard, earn a royal treat in Shangri-La, cast away into Jungle Mystique, mess up with their favorite toys in Toy zone and be a world savior amongst the League of the Guardians.

For parents as audience, it was a moment to reminisce their childhood through the eyes of their beloved little sparklers. It was indeed a magical journey that took them through time and space to see the beauty and wonder of a child’s innocence.

The graduation ceremony was punctuated by words of wisdom from the Guests of Honor and dignitaries wishing the young little buds forth on the road to primary schooling and above all the road of life.

In the year 2017-18, the kindergarten wing of the Bhavans Smart Indian School experienced a significant progress as the school and the parent community worked together in striving to meet the needs of our children. Mrs. Rajni Menon, the KG supervisor enounced the Annual Report for 2017-18, not just in documented words but along with a corroboration of images from throughout an year of divergence and edification of child-directed programs and activities which also included the learning centre better known as Discovery World and the grand success of Eureka Science exhibition.

Mrs. Menon professed the current need of parent teacher involvement for the effective development of the generation today  which no longer is bound to the limitations of a conformist economy. The committed staff of educators were commended for being the instruments in hands-on experiences along with the  challenges and opportunities that have always been the priority of the school’s agenda.

An overview of the ceremony was a testimony to the epideictic conception of Bhavan’s SIS in creating the future world citizens by instilling non cognitive, interpersonal and sophisticated skills into our children with education being the most powerful weapon.

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