“A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.” Arthur Miller

The innovative idea of publishing the Wall Newspaper was suggested by the Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer. Thus, the First Edition of SIS Wall Newspaper was published on 13th October 2022 by Mrs. Albin Daisy, the Vice Principal; Mrs. Amira Bendary, the Admin Manager and Mrs. Thushara Sanjeev, the Primary Academic Coordinator.  Mr. Santhosh Chungath, the Senior Academic Coordinator, addressed the gathering and explained the importance of the newspaper and how it enriches and enlightens the wisdom and knowledge of the students in knowing the world at a glance.

Students get acquainted with perceiving significant happenings of the world like Important Headlines, Politics, Science, Current Affairs, Science and Technology, Sports, Editorial, Finance, and SIS campus news.

News is to be collected and shared from the leading newspapers of Kuwait and other National dailies.  Mr. Balaji Anantharaj has taken up the responsibility of releasing the First Edition of SIS Wall News Paper, which will be published every Thursday in the School reception area.

Window to wisdom – an Online Quiz will be conducted every Thursday based on the newspaper and other current affairs. Students need to attend the online quiz to explore their depth in experiencing the world around them.  The Grade XII students presented the First Edition of the SIS Wall Newspaper with the guidance of Mr. Victor Pushparaj, the Class Principal.  

As rightly told by Marshall McLuhan, “People don’t read newspapers. They step into them every morning like a hot bath.”


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