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Bhavans Smart Indian School Kuwait organized an informative session on ‘An Efficient way of Administering an Aptitude Test’ for the faculty members of The Department of Psychology – Bhavans Middle East on 18th June 2022 at 9.30 a.m. in the SIS Zoom platform. The purpose of the session was to ensure the right strategies were incorporated while administering an aptitude test as part of grade 12 practicals which would aid the students to yield the required result.

The Resource Person for the session was Ms. Mary Joseph, Counselor- Department of Psychology Private International English School, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. She has more than two decades experience in the field of Counselling and Psychology. Over the years, she has mentored many students as an educator, a guide and has featured a key role in their overall well-being and prospects.

The session began with the welcome note by Ms. Anju Jacob, Counselor-Department of Psychology SIS Kuwait. She introduced the speaker to the Bhavans Middle East Psychology team and explained the necessity of understanding the methodology of applying an aptitude test rightly to yield the appropriate result. Moreover Ms. Anju emphasized conducting an aptitude as a part of grade 12 practicals is compulsory and the students should be trained to adopt the accurate plan of action while administering the test. The special guests Mr. Mahesh Iyer- Principal SIS, Ms. Albin Daisy – Vice Principal SIS, and Dr. Preet Kamal – Coordinator BIS appreciated the effort taken by the Psychology team and the willingness of the resource person in enriching the members of the department of Psychology Middle East, information pertinent to the application of an aptitude test in a befitting manner. Mr. Mahesh Iyer on behalf of the Bhavans Senior Leadership Team applauded and felicitated the resource person with an e-certificate as a token of gratitude and acknowledgement.

Ms. Mary in her session explained in detail the purpose of an aptitude test and how it is used to access one’s logical reasoning and thinking ability. She also emphasized the test comprises of multiple-choice questions, time bound and are held as proper exams.   She explained the different category under David’s battery of differential abilities namely: Verbal Ability, Numeric Ability, Spatial Ability, Closure Ability, Reasoning Ability, Mechanical Ability, Clerical Ability & Psychomotor Ability followed by the relevance of each ability in determining an individual’s future career choice. She reiterated that an aptitude test conducted would only give an idea of what an individual can achieve, and no psychometric test can ascertain an individual’s caliber to its fullest. Moreover, she mentioned if a student takes an aptitude test, it will directly or indirectly tell him/her his/her strong and weak subject. The student can, therefore, work on his/her weak subjects and improve them.

Next Ms. Mary explained administering an aptitude test as part of grade 12 practical exam. She explained in detail the general instruction to be given to students before the test and the procedure to be followed while the test is in progress. Moreover, the information in the DBDA manual which serves as an effective tool while administering the test and the analysis of the result through the appropriate usage of the stencil was explained in detail to the psychology teachers. Few board-based practical sample questions were shared in the session, and it strengthened the knowledge level of the listeners. Thus, the session concluded with a thankful note by Ms. Anju & Dr. Preet Kamal who applauded the session as an informative one and with the assurance the practical knowledge gained would be utilized effectively in the classroom while training the students.

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