Nursery Rhyme which is immensely old but profoundly impactful through ages proved its very system on the L.K.G and Pre-KG students, who rejoiced and triumphed in reciting the age old rhymes on their Group Action Rhyme Competition. The kindergarteners who must cherish the joy of singing rhymes by going hand in hand and dancing by the light of the moon were given this beautiful phase of life to get instilled with verbal skills and confidence. The medley of abstract entities like thought, feeling, expressions and music of words were placed emphasis on the developmental skills in a child. The bubbling and effervescent toddlers were given a well-planned practice by the respective class teacher as well as Rhyme teacher. The anticipatory eyes, relentless enthusiasm and energetic expressions on stage appealed the audience by forcing them to enter the world of awe-striking and confusing selection of finalists. The more the angelic toddlers performed, the more the impact was on the audience that it left them mesmerized of their confidence, actions and voice modulations. The succeeding program was the thunderous call given out to the group that won in addition to the flowery photo session with all the staff. The school thanked the Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer for his continuous support.  

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