Bhavan’s SIS holds a session on ‘Child Abuse’

Bhavan’s Smart Indian School organized a session on ‘Child Abuse’ for the students of grades 3 to 6 on 16th January, 2019 in the school auditorium. The session was presided by Ms. Priyanka Baranwal, an author, blogger and guitarist. A warm welcome was rendered to the speaker along with the Principal and Vice-Principal who attended the session. The session had a great impact on students and it expanded their knowledge on the topic ‘Child Abuse’. It kicked off with an emphasis on the significance of a contented childhood with the facts underscoring the different kinds of Child Abuse and the reason behind its terming as ‘Hidden/Clocked crime’. The speaker’s presentation included a detailed study of all types of Child Abuse and rightly saw its refection during discussion. To name a few: Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Child neglect, Exploitation Plus and Equal limelight on online abuse. The presentation also helped the students to identify abusers, differentiate between good touch, bad touch and secret touch and they were introduced to the reality that happens during an abuse. The statistics on the highest rate of child abuse was also highlighted and the laws pertaining to child abuse for children in India and Kuwait were also stressed. The children enthusiastically participated in clearing their queries and it served as an eye-opener to many in the gathering. The word of thanks was stretched out to the speaker for having a session with an effective message.  

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