Bhavans Smart Indian School organized an exciting National Youth Day Program on January 11th, 2024, to celebrate the energy and potential of young people. The students started off the event by remembering Swami Vivekananda, who inspired us to believe in ourselves and be courageous. One of the students dressed up as Swami Vivekananda, introduced himself as a visionary and philosopher, whose teachings continue to inspire and guide the youth. His ideals were seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the event, encouraging students to reflect on their roles in shaping the future.

The heart of the event was the Youngsters Parliament-Public Speaking Competition, where students eloquently expressed their thoughts on various subjects, talking about them and impressing everyone with their speaking skills. Young leaders were entrusted with the responsibility of adjudicating the public speeches, and they executed their role admirably, ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation for all participants. It was thoughtful to include young judges from Grade 11 to give them a sense of responsibility and leadership values. It was great to see each speaker bringing their unique perspective to Youth Day on the following topics:

Paving the Way for Future Generations of Women in STEM: Students passionately discussed the importance of encouraging women in STEM fields, breaking gender stereotypes, and promoting inclusivity.

The Influence of Role Models in Our Lives: Participants delved into the impact of role models on personal development and the significance of choosing positive influences.

Navigating Peer Pressure and Making Positive Choices: The discussion revolved around the challenges of peer pressure and strategies for making informed and positive choices.

Are Slangs Going to Replace the English Language? The evolving nature of language and its intersection with slang was explored, prompting insightful reflections on linguistic trends.

Can We Eliminate Poverty All Around the World? Students engaged in a thoughtful discourse on global efforts to eradicate poverty and the role each individual can play in this endeavor.

Developed Countries Should Promote Legal Immigration: The importance of legal immigration and its positive impact on societies were explored, emphasizing the need for inclusive policies.

The program was well appreciated by the Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer and Senior Vice Principal Ms. Anselma Tessy Judeson who addressed their thoughts regarding the same.

All students were encouraged to contribute food and supplies as a thought of Charity Giving.  With the help of student volunteers and teachers, they were packed and distributed to the non-teaching staff within the premises for their dedication from time to time.

 Additionally, a Kitchen Garden initiative allowed students to actively participate in planting, fostering a sense of environmental awareness and responsibility. Everyone got their hands dirty by planting plants.

We didn’t forget to appreciate our Bus Representatives. They were awarded badges in appreciation of their efforts. The Physical Education Department played a pivotal role in organizing the badges. The dedication and hard work of the bus monitors were recognized.

A big thank you to the Social Science department for their meticulous planning and execution of the National Youth Day program at Bhavans Smart Indian School. Their dedication ensured a successful event that celebrated the youth and fostered meaningful dialogue within the school community. The National Youth Day Program was not just fun but also meaningful, teaching us important values. It was a day filled with celebration, learning, and making a positive impact on our community.

In conclusion, the success of the National Youth Day program from getting the food items to the anchoring to the backdrop to the judging, packing, planting, etc. was a result of the combined efforts of All the teachers and students, creating an event that celebrated the youth and fostered meaningful dialogue and community engagement.


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