Life is too short to have clean fingernails- exclaims the Kindergarten kids of Bhavans Smart Indian school.

Clay is always dirt in the wrong hands, but it is always an art in the right hands. Virtually as is the trend now, the tiny tots had a beautiful day to be storied on the 21st of January 2021 as their hands were smudged full of clay and a heart full of imagination. Being at home, some looking helplessly for some gestures of their parents, while some others rolling their pins to make beautiful sculptures and yet some others rolling, tossing and twisting the clay molds was indeed a mesmerizing sight to see.

Giving importance to the motor and gross motor skills has always been a priority for the Bhavanites. The kindergarten wing had ‘Animals’ as the topic for the Lower kindergarten kids and ‘Flowers’ for the Upper Kinder kids for the competition. The young ones turned the clay into shapes of animals and flowers brilliantly under the attentive eyes of their teachers. The material composition and production in their own way was highly laudable. The kids ended the day gleefully with clay and dirt all over but a beautiful sculpture out of their own imagination which was expected out of them by their teachers. This activity made all the kids feel delightful while allowing for a high degree of creativity.


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