“SIS gets in the zone to save ozone” – World Ozone Day Celebrations

‘Adopt a plant to protect the Ozone layer and save life on Earth’ was the motto followed by the kindergarten of Smart Indian School to celebrate ‘ World Ozone Day’ on  Wednesday 13th September 2017.  A special activity ‘Grow a plant’ was organized with an intention to spread awareness of the depletion of the ozone layer and solutions to preserve it.

The little kindergartners brought along a little plant that day and planted it in the school’s garden space. They were taught how to water these plants and take care of them. The activity inculcated in them the love for nature and provided them with an opportunity to understand the outdoor environment. The children learned new skills and had fun by spending time in the garden and tending to the plants.

The teachers demonstrated how a seed is nourished to flourish into a plant using elements of soil, water and air. Children were explained in a simple manner how the Earth is suffering because of various unhealthy human activities such as cutting of trees. They were shown how planting trees can make mother Earth happy again.

The kindergarten wing of the SIS dedicated the entire day in understanding the necessity of preserving the environment and keeping it healthy. SIS aims to create responsible world citizens of the future through such and various other approaches.

Meanwhile the middle wing classes had undertaken a poster making competition to illustrate on the topics “Ban pollution: ozone is precious, Earth without ozone is like a house without roof and Get in the zone to save ozone”. This competition conducted by the art department fetched good results as the children came prepared with materials and google researches.

The Principal addressed the entire school to further create awareness among the children through a motivational speech and challenged them through thought provoking questions to ponder on and answer him during his inspection to all the classrooms. Hence the day brought home the message that if we are not responsible to save the earth who will?

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