Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed. Smart Indian School celebrated the World Ozone Day on 16th September with the slogan “Ozone for life” to spread awareness among the students about how crucial the ozone shield is for the life on Earth, its gradual depletion and the need to search for possible solutions to preserve it.

The science department took steps to merit this day by organizing different activities for students of classes 1 to 11. Students of grades one and two enriched their knowledge about ozone by watching videos about it. Teachers told them that they can protect the ozone layer by recycling, planting, and not using electronics that will have a negative effect on the layer.

Grades three to five got a chance to create innovative drawings of the actions they’ll be performing like buying eco-friendly products, planting more trees, recycling etc to reduce the pollution. Students tried many hands-on activities in playing their role as the protectors to the planet. Grades six to eight wrote slogans with the theme ‘Ozone for life, Ozone depletion’. Their inquisitiveness also made them to ask various questions regarding the present status of ozone layer depletion and ways to reduce it. Poster making activity of grades nine to eleven was mesmerizing. They listed their ideas in the form of colourful craft with the theme of ‘Montreal Protocol- Keeping us, our food and vaccines cool’.

School celebrated International Ozone Day to have a general idea of the ozone layer and how it’s protecting life on Earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Holding this event has helped motivate students to reduce and recycle waste materials. After completing activities, students were also interested in taking part in more environmental events. It was an enriching and memorable experience for all which will make them aware of their role as responsible citizens.


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