SIS observes Environment Day

As the world marked the Environment Day with the theme “Connect People to Nature”, the Smart Indian School proudly hosted the  Environment Day in the school’s Auditorium on 5th of June 2017. The vibrant students of Class 6 Taurus adorned the day with their creative and energetic participation through a tableau with the key topic “Saving trees are vital”. The message centering on going wild for life and let nature paint picture with its infinite beauty were kept afresh to the viewers. Added to this, the subject on littering the landscape with plastics leading to an unsustainable future was emphasized, paved the way to unify thoughts on saving the world that we see. The swearing-in spirit accompanied with the towering of placard had soared the moment in keeping up the promise taken to safeguard the nature. The Principal’s brief message on “Kitchen Garden” was an added factor of the day. Agatsya, student of Class 6, ended with a thank you note.

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