Half a year has passed since an invisible foe forever took away our freedom of movement and we had to chain ourselves to the four walls of the house. But as always exclaimed by our ancestors one decomposes for the nourishment of the other. Up until the end of 2019 we all were on a global mission to save earth. This day; 5th June was always celebrated with resolutions to make our earth greener and cooler. But today we all know our mother earth is breathing. The world lockdown has brought everything to a stop. For past few months the deserted roads, the silent factories had made us witness that our mother earth has started rejuvenating. This new reality led to a dramatic drop in pollution level worldwide. In India, people in certain parts of the country were able to see the peaks of Himalayas for the first time in decades. The air is cleaner and crisper now. The abandonment of our usual routine; be it forced by circumstances or by our own will has led to a sharp drop in the pollution. Now it’s evident exactly how much of an impact human activity has on the environment. If anyone doubted it before, then here is definite proof that it is us who are messing things up, and it is us who can change that.

With this most significant and inevitable thought in the minds, under the leadership of the newly elected student council, the students of Smart Indian School came together with informative virtual presentations to educate their friends and parents on the importance of biodiversity and our responsibility as a true human towards nature. Upholding the theme of the year, “Time for Nature” and “Celebrate the Biodiversity”, the students from Grade 6 to 11 participated in a photo concoction competition blending pictures of the plants grown in their own flats and balconies. A special assembly was conducted in the virtual auditorium to make the students and parents aware of the importance and significance of nurturing and fostering nature.

Children are the future of this world. But what we have left them with; polluted water, unclean air and now a doubtful future. Each and every one of us is the culprit. ‘World doesn’t belong to us alone but we have made it ours and destroyed it’.  Each and every shrub is important on this earth surface. Such contemplative thoughts communicated by the children from the smaller grades and kindergarten through their role plays were enough to make anyone of us think about our responsibility as a being on this planet.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat do not fully belong to us. With every tree we cut, every forest we burn down we are limiting our future on this green world. With one tree goes one life. With a million, goes another million lives. Students from senior grades reminded this most important and at the same time mostly forgotten thought through their beautiful role play. The whole event drew to a close with some basic tips on maintaining a cleaner and better surrounding advised by the Head of the Science Department, Mrs.Saritha.M.P.


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