Bhavans Smart Indian School commemorated the International Yoga Day by gathering students and staff through the digital platform. The power of healthy living was demonstrated to the viewers through words and deeds. This invaluable day was graced by an eminent yoga instructor Mr. Muthu – Founder and coordinator of SKY (Simplified Kundalini Yoga) Qatar and Kuwait to render words which replenished fitness and wellness throughout the session. The disruption of normalcy had never ceased the school to celebrate the special day that prioritizes nothing but the inspirational living in the form of physical exercise. The day was also graced by the Chairman of Bhavans Middle East – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Head of the Physical Education department of IES – Mr. Murugaiyan, Vice-Principal and KG Supervisor of SIS – Ms. Albin Daisy and Ms. Rajni Menon respectively.

The secret to successful health and undisturbed mind by adapting this spectacular form of exercise as a part of life diffuses a miraculous touch of triune integration that comprises of body, mind and soul. This positive enormity that has the power to get transformed into a conducive dynamism when it gets entrenched as a life’s principle witnesses a life-changing experience. Having these messages in mind, the school explored the day’s specialty in various ways to honour the significance of the day.

The Primary Wing had a wonderful yoga celebration in virtual class. They were motivated to perform asanas by following the instruction given through a recorded video comprising of different postures. They were also made to hear the yoga prayer to instill a sense of importance of this exercise. The children had seen a great time in performing yoga and they cheerfully agreed to follow this beneficial mode in the future.

The Middle and Senior sections had a very grand session. The special program kicked off with the Kuwait National Anthem followed by the school prayer. The welcome address was rendered by a student of grade XI followed by the yoga demonstration which comprised of the chanting of the prayer led by the school Principal and a few asanas performed by the students and staff led by the school P.E teacher. The highlight of the day was a live yoga session performed by SKY Yoga Master Avaneeshwar Neelapradaban who was dexterously guided by the Chief Guest to integrate several asanas in his demonstration. The postures were diligently followed by the students and staff. The much-awaited hour of spreading the positive message had come from the Chief Guest who touched on the topic ‘The Journey of the Self’ which encompassed the power of healing through yoga and also insisted the viewers to integrate this beneficial mode as a way of life. The evolution of yoga and its surplus blessings on the lives of many who inherited its goodness illustrated a wide range of healthy living in the form of a video. A short video on the performance of yoga postures by the teachers was also displayed.

The final speech by the school Chairman emanated blessings and encouragement to transform this wonderful method of self-healing as a routine. The words of gratitude and the speech that stressed to entangle the physical entity in this amazing practice of yoga were also extended by the school Principal.  The vote of thanks was proposed by the senior student followed by the Indian National Anthem. Thus this day imparted a major message on how to inculcate this important asset – yoga as a lifeguard for a successful sustenance.


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