As the saying goes, “When the fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world”, the kindergarteners of Smart Indian School invested a new stream of enjoyment during this stressful time of lockdown. The tiny tots of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated the Cartoon Day on 4th June 2020. Apart from having fun, the school had also aimed to embrace this opportunity to impart the meaning of the day and valuable lessons of life for children. Thus in collaboration with Cartoon Day, the World Environmental Day was also celebrated with great enthusiasm.

    Childhood days are full of joy, dreams and emotions and cartoons are the most essential part of it. Every kid loves to watch cartoon movies. Children live in the fantasy world of their own where cartoon character plays an important role to which they are able to relate themselves with pride and enjoyment. These characters give them extra energy and joy. Super power possessed by few of these characters also aid in fascinating them. The characters also teach them to have solution to all the problems. The pre-schooler was asked to name their favourite cartoon character and the things they learn from them. They were shown an educational video on cartoon to bring out laughter and thereby the ultimate goal was achieved.

    In order to make the young learners aware of the environmental issues which are currently faced and the positive efforts to solve such issues were explained through a presentation. The little ones of KG1 were given step by step instructions through PPT to draw famous character of “Winnie the Pooh” and the KG2 drew the “Electrifying Pikachu”. A great appreciation was extended to the KG educators for merging fun with learning which will endlessly be treasured by our little angels of our school. The day spent in adding fun and values on this Cartoon Day saw the special day kept busy in these sessions of virtual routine.


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