Teacher’s Day carves Bhavan’s SIS Atmosphere Glorious

 The Teacher’s Day program carved out SIS atmosphere glorious and nostalgic  in the pages of its history in reflection to the gusto and zeal of the students’ penchant for an incredible output.

 The event, celebrated in its school’s auditorium started off with the honors paid to Almighty and its country.

The time witnessed the mentors being honored, appreciated and recognized for their selfless service towards the future’s sustainability  in creating the intellectuals’  meaningful existence. The students of grades 7 and 8 turned the show into a great success and the audience saw their dexterous prowess manifested in the program.

The culmination of dance, quiz and games for teachers provoked the onlookers to go down the memory lane mixed with the flavor of nostalgia. A glimpse of all the transformers were displayed in the form of a video clip and the most laudable profession – “Teaching”  aptly highlighted  the  ways a teacher should act as a facilitator in changing children from caterpillars stage to butterflies.

 The manners in which the organizers brought out the entire event  gathered a strength to record many more milestones in the school’s history. The esteemed people of the show: the teachers  were given a gift pack as a token of veneration to preserve it as a souvenir. The program ended with a note of Principal’s message and Indian National Anthem.

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Remya Rajith