SIS Seniors’ Expressions of Talents

The ever-shining  senior stars of Smart Indian School sparkled with their addition of event for the “Talent Show” in  the school’s auditorium on 25th September 2017. The main aim of this event was to unwrap their hidden talents  as well as to make them aware of what they had in store with them. The art of expression of talents turned  the usual day into a wonder-making time and their routine classes to a ceaseless admiration by the beholders.

The time witnessed to appreciate the fearless pursuit of what they are at the best. The moment crowded with the demonstration of varied talents on stage led to the call of seeing those hidden glitters as the participants had been cladded in sundry costumes as well. The time turned to be an ever cherishing one in the hearts of the children and  for few swearing-in seconds to strive for the betterment in the coming days. The final part had ended with saying thanks to the Principal Mr.Mahesh Iyer for making this show  possible.

The staff witnessed the surprising and mesmerising actions notable for their “glory and gore” and the unsung heroes in every work of art.

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Remya Rajith