Smarters’  Work Transforms Talent into Genius at SIS

 The biggest talent show  was back  discharging  its second annual show since the school’s inception on 17th  and 20th September 2017. The student performers’  show  from grades 1 to 5 with all their readiness to showcase their talents had its astounding touch on the viewers that left them to amass more applause to the performing talents on stage.

 Organized by the respective class teachers and graced by the Principal and Vice-Principal, the show had been a great delight to celebrate the best of what they had in them. The time saw its jam-packed day of entertainment with rich variation in each one’s indigenous display of culture through music, dance, vocal and instrument. The unveiling of plurality in aesthetic arena had exhibited a real sense of “unity in diversity” in terms of universal culture by leaving room to the disposition of acceptance and participation.

 The main objective of this show had made children recognize the importance of letting out their talents and to least consider the position of securing prizes. Each talent displayed to the eyes of the beholder and a crowd- pleaser, garnered exciting rounds of plaudits to the participants. The outfits of  all the showstoppers on stage with the addition of confidence spread magical beauty in them. The final thank you note was delivered by the Principal.

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Remya Rajith