As the sun is shining out brightly and the season of summer is still underway, the kindergarten wing of Bhavan’s Smart Indian School celebrated a perfect scenario of “Fun in the sun” day in September 2019. Summer is a season that makes everyone want to spend doing various activities outside. The heat during summer can be a little harsh as well. People seek refreshments like cool drinks, ice creams and go to the beach to beat the heat. By celebrating this day, Bhavan’s Smart Indian School worked towards imbibing the essential life skills like self-care through a medium of enjoyment.

The children were allowed to wear summer clothes and also woreaccessories like sunglasses, hats or caps. The toddlers looked charming in their attractive outfits as they made their way into the campus exhilarated. The tiny tots brought along lemons, sugar, spoons, and cups to prepare and quench their thirst with refreshing lemonade at the end of the day.

The kids were escorted by their teachers to the outdoor school playground where they played under the sun. They also tapped their feet to some lively tunes that were played for them. The bubbles in the air which were being blown out further enthralled the tiny ones. The children had a jovial time akin to the title of the day “fun in the sun”.

Later the children were taken back to their respective classes as they sought something refreshing. It was time for ‘squeeze the lemon’ activity to prepare the lemonades! The children watched keenly as their teacher prepared the lemonade and served it to them. They relished the refreshing lemonade and quenched their thirst. To capture the moment and create memories that they would cherish, a lovely photo booth was made and photographs were clicked. The children went back home with fond moments of the day to instigate a sense of lasting memory of their good old days.



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