Sparkling  Speaking Tree at SIS

With a motto of re-awakening the art of storytelling that incorporates imagination, inspiration and narration, Smart Indian School had organized “Storytelling Competition” for graders 1 and 2 in  the school auditorium. The children’s curiosity in showcasing their talents on stage was quite evident in their involvement towards sparkling expression and intonation, sense of belonging towards the story and the props they encompassed with themselves. This competition aimed not only to make them participate in the event but also to promote  happiness and treasure that happiness which are found in reading books.

The program had its seamless flow with the smooth conduct and presentation of the children lined up to turn themselves into the story they had to present. The storytelling time turned the  sophisticated thinking skill of students into confidence, motivation and courage to face the audience from their young age on. The children bagged certificates according to their section with loads of merriment to pass it on. The event had its fruitful saying: “Bloom where you are planted” coming true.

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Remya Rajith