Bhavan’s Smart Indian School honored the official language of India – ‘Hindi’ on Hindi Diwas during the mass assembly. This linguistic celebration garnered a huge appraisal among the teaching community as the propagators of the language had taken a painstaking effort to make the language prosper. Attuned to this motto, the school organized many activities on Hindi Diwas under the proper execution by the department of Hindi.

The admirable students of grades 3, 4 and 7 participated in making this celebration possible. The song sung in praises of the language, the speech  given away to instill its importance and prominence in all spheres as well as the artistic beauty that is inscribed in the making of the language were well brought out by the students. The dance had its pleasant-sounding number from the swaying rhythm of the language. The students’ interest soared as they revealed their different aspects of talents through these forms.


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