The festival that is celebrated with pomp and show bore fruits of rapturous togetherness in Bhavan’s Smart Indian School putting forth the mega event in great jubilation. Onam – an epitome of culture, ritual, delicacies, heritage and apparel belonging to the Indian state of Kerala called for an enthusiastic participation with zest. This Onam was ornamented by the first of its kind mannerby preparing the ritualistic food in the campus by the teachers and letting it to be served to the teaching and non-teaching community on the commencing date of Onam season.

The campus glittered with the beautiful designs of flower carpets called Pookolam and the ambience attracted a special attention through the fragrance of the flowers decked up by the lady staff. The special day started off with many programs which had taken place in the auditorium. The inspiring dance ‘Thiruvathira’done by the teachers in connection to the festivity’s importance carried the talented side of them. The engaging and lively anchors kept it interesting through quizzesand asoothing piece of melody was also sung by thePrincipaland music staff to disseminate the aura of festivity. The advent of Mahabali, according to the belief of the season, was also brought to capture the stunning effect of the season.


The best part in the celebration turned to be the banquet – ‘Sadhya’that comprised of varieties of delicacies starting from veggies to savories. The feast was a grand time that all the supporting staff in the school enjoyed it to the fullest. The day came to a close with flashes of serenading moments evoking pure nostalgia for upholding the traditional values.


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