The war has become a palpable reality to millions of people in Ukraine. Thousands of families have been displaced from war-torn areas. When nations undergo battle, innocent civilians have to experience all the turmoil.

The students at Smart Indian School conducted Peace Day and Peace Rally, which allowed them to understand the importance of creating and maintaining peace amongst themselves and their surroundings.

The program commenced with a prayer for world peace, ‘Lokah samstha sukhino bhavanthu’, which means ‘may everyone in the whole world be happy.

‘Lokam muzhuvan sukham pakaranayi’, the Malayalam song sung in the sweet and melodious voice of the school choir added colour to the program. A bunch of white balloons were released by the Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer, into the sky as a symbol of peace and prayer to stop the war and attain peace in the society. This was accompanied by the children shouting slogans like ‘We believe in Peace’ and ‘Say No to War’ etc.

An audio clip from the movie ‘The Great Dictator’ of the speech by the legendary actor Charlie Chaplin was played.

The peace rally was organized systematically. The students walked, holding candles, balloons and the placards of slogans in their hands to spread the message of peace.

The head girl Neha Kurian of grade 12 read out the pledge, followed by the signing of the peace treaty on the wall of peace. The students from grades 1 -12 imprinted their thump impressions as a mark for peace in the world.

Devika Krishnakumar of grade 9 Taurus proposed the vote of thanks.

The rally ended with a group photo session. The teachers wore white dresses, and students of KG, grades 4 and 5, came in blue and yellow to protest the war and plead peace for humanity.


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