Music; the mesmerizing arrangement of sound hypnotizes anyone to move unconsciously in response to it. It is the most soothing and healing expression of humanity. It is the soul of nature, the gesture of love. Music in itself is healing, emotionally soothing our brain and heart.  No matter what culture we are, we wholeheartedly accept the universal bonding and unity generated by the rhythm and beat of music. It was this universal bonding and love for music brought the Bhavans Middle East Parivar on a virtual platform with its most enthralling musical extravaganza- “Swarasandhya –Season 8”.

This joy of music was inaugurated by the honourable chairman of Bhavans Middle East- Mr.N.K.Ramachandran Menon and Mrs.Sudha Ramachandran by virtually lighting the lamp. After this ceremonious event the concerto opened up with the melodious devotional recitals by various musical maestros of the Bhavans family. This melodious performance continued for more than two hours with different lyrics and tunes in different languages rhythmically and beautifully rendered by the wonderful nightingales of various Bhavans schools across GCC. All the performances were met with enthusiastic applause and praise from the music –loving virtual audience. The true ending did come with the most captivating and fascinating melody from the Principal of Smart Indian School, Mr. Mahesh Iyer. His appealing rendering of the song “lokham muzhuvan sugham pakaran aayi’’ was enough to create a charismatic aura in the hearts of all the music lovers witnessing the event.

The dignified audience; Principals, Vice Principals, Academic coordinators, KG Supervisors and the heads of various departments logged in along with more than two hundred teachers from various Bhavans Middle East enjoyed the experience of hearing the most beautiful melodies from the old to the most popular symphonies through this maiden Virtual Musical treat; “Swarasandhya”.

It is always an accepted fact that music opens our hearts and its therapeutic intervention is always validated. During this pandemic when everyone is locked up in their solitary confinements this virtual musical concert opened up the hearts and souls of all the Bhavanites and helped them connect to themselves, to others and to the world around them. The whole event winded off with this gratitudinal concluding words delivered by Mr.Suresh.V.Balakrishnan, Vice Principal PIES Abu Dhabi. Finally everyone logged off from this musical treat in the most respectful and melodious manner by paying homage to the homeland; singing together the Indian National Anthem.


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