Waste must be looked upon as a global issue as it concerns proper sanitation. An excellent plan to reuse the waste will give room for provision of potable food, water, shelter, communication, and transport. In the past, recycled paper became a trend. It is still a demanding market for its organic aspect. Old envelopes are used as trash bags or tiffin wraps. Newspapers can be used as creative gift wrappers; recycled papers are still used to send invitation and other similar purposes. Saving trees by not using paper is today’s trend. It is a high time that we “Think globally, act locally!” and this is exactly where Bhavans Smart Indian School, foreseeing the future decided to inculcate as well as teach the importance of recycling and using the best out of waste to the tiny tots.

‘Best out of Waste’ theme day was storied on 26 November 2020. Better knowledge of the use of plastics as one of the most dangerous items that take hundreds of years to degrade was directed to the tiny tots with the help of visual aids. Various ways to re-use plastics were demonstrated,  for example plastic bottles could be used to make hanging lamps, brooms or plant stand at home in artistic ways.

Creative thinking has always been a major platform in Bhavans and so the kids have learnt to “Think outside the trash” by simply using a plastic container to make a beautiful flowerpot either to grow plants or use it for decoration purpose at homes. The kids had decorated their flowerpots by using beautiful wrappers around it and decorated them with beads, stickers etc. with which they stood to proudly pose for a photo click at the end of the day.


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