The Kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School involved the juvenile toddlers in the Show And Tell Competition which was held on 31st May 2020.

   The aim of the competition was to help the young learners gain confidence and foster their vocabulary and public speaking skills. The intent was to develop the cognitive and creative skills of the little ones.

    The topic for KG1 was “My Favourite Toy”. The tiny tots of KG1 were very thrilled and participated wholeheartedly. They had put in great efforts and came up with innovative props and pictures of toys. Few had actual toys like car, doll, kitchen set, doctor kit etc. and used it in an innovative way to describe it with facial expression and voice modulation.

    The topic for KG2 was “Hygienic Living”. The KG2 kids were full of zeal and showcased their immense talents in an awesome way. They prepared charts, posters and 3D models to add to the beauty of the scenario. The children boldly gave their presentation and used the platform effectively to represent their aptitude and flair for English speaking.

    The presentation of the children on this occasion was spectacular. It was an enriching experience for everyone. The KG Supervisor and teachers greatly appreciated the skilful execution of the given topics by the children.

    It goes without saying that kids’ involvement in individual activity infuses in them originality, self-confidence and self-reliance. The inspiring presentation left no stone unturned to achieve a realistic appraisal of their skills and to discover the power of spoken words. It was a fun and comfortable learning arena for everyone involved in the competition.


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