Building Self Confidence by Show and Tell at SIS

‘Our speech is who we are and our confidence carries our being, our presence into the world.’

The kindergarten of the SIS has primarily been focusing on building the self-confidence and speech of children and providing opportunities and activities to support the same and thus the Show and Tell competition.

The Show and Tell competition was participated by every kindergartener be it a confident child, a nervous one, an anxious one or an excited little one. Children had to choose from themes of animals for PKG, toys for the KG1 and transportation for the KG2.

Not surprisingly the smart kindergarteners were able to demonstrate an understanding of listening and speaking skills for effective communication. Many of them correctly used descriptive language and proper well-built vocabulary.

Although it was a competition and winners were chosen on basis of the criteria defined ahead, the overall event was a witness to how effectively the teachers had worked on each child to equip them with enough confidence to not only survive, but thrive.

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Remya Rajith