“When you focus on someone’s disability, you’ll overlook their abilities, beauty, and uniqueness”. Well, this was the take away on 2nd December when the tiny tots of Bhavans Smart Indian School and Jack and Jill Preschool celebrated the World Disability Day on a hybrid platform.

The day commenced with an exceptionally well-done presentation by the teachers where they enacted the life of a disabled child and the hardships he/she underwent. Through this the teachers explained the importance of understanding and accepting people with disability. The little ones were introduced to prominent differently abled people and also showed them videos of their achievements. The story session that followed helped create empathy in children and encouraged them to accept the uniquely abled people with love.

The LKG students had a coloring activity while the students of UKG were given a drawing and coloring activity related to the topic. The day ended with the video of the Indian National Anthem for the deaf and mute and the tiny tots attempted to imitate the sign language shown in it.

The kindergarten kids learnt important life lessons on 2nd December and they were one step closer to being responsible global citizens. Bhavans has always strived to set better examples for this generation. Smart Indian School along with Jack and Jill Preschool, in their own humble way try to provide experiences to the little ones that help them overcome a plethora of barriers and to accept life’s challenges positively and bravely.


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