The wondrous roles that students aspired which was made possible through their mesmeric talents and accomplishment were conferred on this day in Investiture Ceremony at Bhavans Smart Indian School. The first virtual power investing ceremony took a turn of experiencing deep beauty through the eyes that witnessed it and the privilege to drench in the celestial aura of the dignitary’s speech. Though the occasion turned bitterly distant to cherish the ceremony in conventional way but the moments like these in virtual mode where the children understanding the need of the hour coupled with meticulous precision amassed awe and wonder by the viewers. The day’s special program was made stellar by the presence of the dignified Chief Guest – Brigadier Hareesh Pankan, Chairman of Bhavans Middle East – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Principal of Smart Indian School – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of IES – Mr. T. Premkumar, Vice Principal of SIS – Ms. Albin Daisy, KG Supervisor – Ms. Rajni Menon, teachers and students.

The ceremonious time started off at 9a.m to fill the virtual platform with overflowing participants to witness the marvellous position of each student. With the beginning of this new academic year, the proud moments of virtual ceremony had rightly settled the spirit of inculcating responsibilities and shouldering up tasks for the betterment of the self and school. The event kicked off with the recital of the verses from Holy Quran followed by the Kuwait National Anthem. A minute’s silent prayer was raised to the departed souls of COVID-19 pandemic.  Then the choir led the gathering through prayer song followed by SIS anthem. The warm welcome was extended to the assembled by Devika of grade 8. The crucial time of reminiscing the services and roles rendered by the Head Boy and Head Girl of yesteryear moved the audience to realize the level of passion and involvement that these students had invested to their conferred titles. Some of the titles which children were stepped into included Head Boy, Head Girl, Junior Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl, Cultural Secretary, Deputy Cultural Secretary Girl, Deputy Cultural Secretary Boy, Student Editor, Deputy Student Editor, Public Relation Officer, Deputy Public Relation Officer, Sports Captain, Deputy Sports Captain Boy and Deputy Sports Captain Girl, House Captains,  Vice House Captains, Junior House Captains of four houses – Seva, Satya, Sanskriti and Tapas and the prefects of the year 2020-21 for the classes 6 – 11.


This year turned unforgettable as the conferral was executed by the parents who felt immensely proud in honouring and blessing the children for their new roles which was followed by the oath taking moment carried out by the school Principal. The year’s promises and the decision to keep up the sincerity in their just begotten position were read out by the new Head Boy and Girl. The day had turned entertaining by supplementing the most needed form of art which is the dance by the amazing students. The most revered time glided to the speeches heard from the dignitary and chairman. The chief Guest, who is the personality of great valor emphasized the need to accept challenges and to face them with courage just like the way his spiraling words inspired the viewers. The chairman of Bhavans Middle East also shared his thoughts on how the great things could happen through hard work and dedication and congratulated the students on their future endeavours. The time winded off by the vote of thanks proposed by Siya of grade 11. The conventional closure of the ceremony was the tribute rendered to the homeland, India by singing its national anthem. A happy frame of memory was captured by having the conferred students along with the dignitaries. The day had a glad surrounding to bequeath power to the aspiring individuals.


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