Individual Rhyme Competition at SIS

Poems have always been a wonderful way to convey either a message to enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Words can be presented more beautifully when recited as a poem.

Taking all these facts into consideration the kindergarteners of Smart Indian School got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. An individual rhyme competition was organized where the children prepared a poem for the same.

It aimed to develop their linguistic and presentation skills and instill confidence in them at their young age. They presented their part very confidently on the mike. The event built a spirit of self confidence through a sense of competence.

The children made all the characters of each rhyme come alive. They enthralled their teachers and friends with their articulation and memory skills while reciting rhymes. It was an excellent opportunity for them to gain confidence through stage exposure.

Everyone was amazed and spellbound after seeing their pleasing performances. The judges of this event appreciated and applauded the performance of the children.

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Remya Rajith