Smart Indian School, a synonym for quality education, is the youngest child of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Kuwait. Marking the decennial celebrations of Bhavan’s existence in the Middle East, BVB gave birth to SIS. Standing tall in the sands of Kuwait is this latest editon of Bhavans Kuwait , a learner centered school which aims at creating proactive global citizens. The official ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, 24 May 2017 marked the celebration of the occasion.

The galaxy of intellectuals from the Ministry of Private Education, the Indian Ambassdor to Kuwait, Sponsor of Smart Indian School Mr. Ali Jediyan Al Beghaily, Chairman of Bhavans Middle- East Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon and many other eminent guests adorned the splendid auditorium with its best acoustics. SIS imprinted these honourable guests in its memoir – Dr. Abdul Mohsen El Huwaila- Asst. Undersecretary for Private and Qualitative Education – the Chief Guest of the day ; H.E. Mr. Sunil Jain – Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. Sanad Mohammed Al Mutairi- Manager of Private Education, Mr. Abdul Aziz El Kandary – Administrative Manager of Private Education, Mr. Ahmed Ali Jediyan Al Beghaily – Director of Smart Indian School,Mr. Salah Ali Jediyan Al Beghaily – Public Relations Officer of Smart Indian School, Mr. Ahmed Jediyan Al Beghaily- Member of Municipal Council, Mr. Talal Khalifa Al Jari –  Chairman of Ajial Group of schools & Member of Kuwait Union for Owners of private schools, Mr. Gaber Al Ainazi  – Sponsor of El Hoda School, Mr. Abdullah Motlaq Al Beghaily – Sponsor of Kuwait Academic Bilingual School & Member of Kuwait Union for Owners of private schools, Mr. Ayman Abdulrashid  – Executive Manager of NBK, Mr. Abdul Ilah Marafi – Member of Kuwait Union for Owners of Private Schools, Principal of IES, Bhavans family Mr. T. Premkumar and Principals of the neighbouring schools.

Mr. Mohammad Khamis, Manager Sponsor’s office welcomed this august gathering in Arabic. The welcome dance by SIS students set the mood in awe and merriment as they swayed their arms to the Arabian Opera dance. The Indian Ambassador to Kuwait in his address wished all Kuwaiti friends and sent warmest greetings to the sponsor and the chairman. He extolled the new best possible facilities of the school and thanked the management. As he rendered his support and blessings for producing the best of minds in the world he urged the students to reach their aspirations and goals in life.

Bhavan’s ‘Transformation’ documentary illustrated the roots of education as envisioned by the visionary Sponsor Mr. Ali Jediyan Al Beghaily and his association with our true philosopher and the man of wisdom, the Chairman Mr. Ramchandran Menon and his mission of this new member of Bhavans – SIS as the best among the best of schools in Kuwait, having the capacity of accommodating 4000 and more students providing quality education facilitated by well-equipped technology and virtual campus.

Hospitality is SIS speciality. In expression to this, captivating mementos in memory of the inaugural day of the school were given to the entire team invited guests.

The paradise family of Bhavans’ head Mr.Mahesh Iyer, the Principal during his vote of thanks felt inadequate to express his thankfulness to all the Chief guest who had made the inaugural day a memorable one in the history of Smart Indian School, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait  and to the management team composing of the Vice Principal Ms. Marie Christiane, Administrative Manager Ms. Shaimaa Zaki & KG supervisor Ms. Rajni Menon, teaching and non-teaching staff who were the backbones to the success of this mega function.

Men may come and men may go but the history of Bhavans goes on forever …..

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