The graduation and send-off for Class 12 students at Smart Indian School was organized on Monday, February 6 at the school auditorium. Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer was the Chief Guest; Vice Principal Ms. Albin Daisy, KG Supervisor Ms. Rajni Menon and Administrative Manager Ms. Amira Bendari were also present on the occasion. Along with the teachers, a large gathering of students and parents also witnessed the function.

The official ceremony started after the graduation parade of students and teachers. This was followed by the Kuwait national anthem and the recital of the Holy Quran, bible reading and a few verses from Bhagavat Gita. Principal Mr.Mahesh Iyer congratulated the students in his speech. He wished that education transforms students into more empathetic, cooperative and responsible citizens.

All the subject teachers spoke about each student and on their characteristics which was heart touching. Ryan Thomas and Zainab Mohsin gave a ‘thank you’ speech on behalf of the students. Representatives of parents also spoke on the occasion wishing the children well and expressing gratitude to the teaching community.

Dance and music programs were also organized under the leadership of the teachers. The Principal distributed the memento to the students at the function. The program concluded with the Indian National Anthem.


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