Bhavans SIS honours GANDHI JAYANTHI DAY

A special program was organized by Smart Indian School on 2nd October, 2017 to celebrate 148thbirth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The principal of the school, Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice-Prinicpal, Kindergarten Supervisor and Administrative Manager were the chief guests of the occasion. The program began with the garlanding of the leader’s portrait and the guests paying floral tribute to the leader. The reminder of Gandhi’s motto on “Non-violence” was the keynote of the day. Turning back to time, the day remembered the mire of ultra-nationalism, social inequalities that India faced under British regime  and the concept of “non-violence” turning as a way of life to Mahatma and the followers of him as well. The day was also rightly remembered as “The international Day of Non-violence” by United Nations in honor of which the vibrant students of Smart Indian School conducted the enthusiastic activities for all the graders starting from Kindergarten to the senior most students of school.

The kindergarten wing of SIS enacted a skit signifying the importance of non-violence with the inclusion of “Dandi March”. The tiny tots of the institution carried the message of Gandhi in a way fit to be moved. Grade 1 conducted a special assembly by having for the 1st and 2nd graders as audience. To honor the role of the eminent personality who paved the colors to flourish in our lives, Grades 1 and 2 had colouring competition as well for which the best three had been selected and appreciated. Adorning the bulletin board on account of Gandhi Jayanthi with his quotes and pictures had been given to grades 3 to 5 and the students willingly and energetically decorated to bring their best out of them as a class. Grades 6, 7 and 8 had an essay writing competition to demonstrate the power of words that changed the phase of millions in existing India. Grade 7 conducted a special assembly where grades 6 to 8 were on the special front to enjoy the mimic of the conductor on the topic “Colour discrimination” and commemorating “Non-Violence Day”. The spirit of oneness was  manifested by singing the famous bhajan of Gandhi, “Raghupathi Raghav Raja Ram” where the union of extremist dies and the “free-will” of each individual in India resurrects.

Addressing on the occasion of this auspicious day, the Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer, reiterated the advocacy of Gandhi and the mission of bringing India not only as free  but  turning India into the best sanitation place in the world. Thus the day saw the patriotic vibe in the minds of all attendees.

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