Fun in the Sun

Summer is here! The weather is warm, the sun is bright, punches and squashes are blending just right. Summer is the perfect time to get children outside to play and explore, and also feed onto some free vitamin D.

As planned for May 11, ‘Fun in the Sun’ day was much awaited by our little kindergarteners as they knew that their teachers always plan for them a delightful and surprising day to have fun and do hands on activities.

The children came all dressed in cool wear with shades and caps on. Oh yes! It was a joy to see these little posers being clicked from every angle.

The day started with a make a cap activity out of craft paper. The young learners smiled a star when they wore their self-made summer caps. The children took time off from the daily class routine and trailed in a queue under the sun within the school campus thereafter.

‘Catch the bubbles’ game was followed on next, where the kids had fun with their peers and teachers alike. After being exhausted the children made some lemonade to quench their thirst which made them understand the importance of staying hydrated.

Summer is meant to be enjoyed while it’s around. At Smart Indian School our young k-tots experienced the day as an enriching sun soaked memory to be inspired by forever.

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