SIS KG visits Healthy Bazaar

A field trip to the local supermarket might be the perfect nexus for bringing together students and local produce to teach important lessons about our food.

The upper kindergartners of the SIS were taken on a field trip with their teachers to the Carrefour on the 18th and 19th of September. The teachers talked to the kids about the fruits and vegetables on display and how various types of vegetables grow differently and the nutrients found in each.

Market experience improved the critical and thinking skills of the children, as they had an opportunity to experience a variety of food.The display of colorful fruits and vegetables throughout the market invited the children to explore their shape and colour. The vibrant and hygienic market atmosphere filled the children with a new enthusiasm for healthy eating.

The market staff greeted the children to the produce section with kid-centric lessons and explained why fresh food is vital for our health. The children were able to understand the concept of healthy living with this educational field trip.

SIS believes that we can empower children with fun and creative outlets to promote wellness and healthy living.

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Remya Rajith