Feastful Iftar at Bhavan’s SIS

Bhavans Kuwait hosted the first of its kind celebration of Iftar Night on the Smart Indian School premises for its staff, parents and students. The echoes of the Islamic prayer recited by the Islamic Studies teacher Mr.Samah reverberated the whole campus, as one part of the gathering was seen occupying the tables to fervently break the fasting of the day and the other crowd of pious gathering flocking the campus with an earnest mood to partake in the joyous feasting. This grand feast of Iftar was graced by the Bhavans Middle East Chairman – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Principals, Vice Principals and Administrative Manager and Manager, Owner’s Office.

Bhavans extends its hospitality in its unique way very frequently and this party was no exception to the motto of the Institution, as the spirit of building fraternity was rightly seen in the merry celebration. The night provided a perfect scenario of interfaith feasting where fasting Muslims were also accompanied by non-Muslims. This togetherness to respect and honor one another’s belief and festivity reflected a harmonious fellowship. The Night also provided a special gift to a parent who was chosen to travel to Umrah by lot. This blessed and surprising gift had utterly filled the chosen one Mr.Wassey Ali  with rhapsodic joy.

The parents who dined in this wonderful feast valued the innovative and tedious method to gather all the people under one roof with sumptuous and stupendous gratification. The array of food that culminated in Indian and Arabic delicacies was a marvelous sight to see and relish. It had certainly helped the parents and attendees to spread love, joy and peace with one another and promulgated in understanding other’s background through this celebration.


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