Parents are the most precious gift of God to us. It is an honour to be able to show our parents the love that they very much deserve, and for us to do so, special days have been created especially for them. While mothers have Mother’s Day, which is celebrated all over the world on different dates, father’s have Father’s Day, which is again celebrated worldwide on different dates with the majority marking it every year on the third Sunday of June.

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor the sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.Father’s day is marked to honour fatherhood and paternal bonds, and to also highlight the influence that fathers have in a society. We learn from example that our father’s set in our lives and they are always our guiding stars.

As a token of gratification; honouring this parental bonding and love, students of Smart Indian School made their Father’s Day special by engaging themselves in various activities. The tiny tots prepared beautiful cards for their fathers and shared their love and regards for them. They articulated to their daddies their love not only with cute messages but also with a shirt and tie crafted by them with the help of their teachers to gift their daddies at the end of the day. Children from Grade 3 to 5 were really excited to display their talents with their daddies in a competition titled “Daddy and Me”. Even children from grade 6 and 7 poured in all their efforts to make the best possible gift for their dads with the available things in their houses. The pandemic or the lockdown could not let them down in making the most beautiful present for their super heroes. The joy and elation did not end there. Children from high school and higher secondary actively participated in a photography competition arranged by the school. Their vibrant smiling faces with their fathers reflected the pride and security they realised under their fathers. A special video honouring all the great fathers were released by department of Hindi.

A safe hand to hold us, a compassionate hug to comfort us, and always a strong pillar to support and inspire us is our father. It’s not only the mother, but the fathers are also equal members involved in the huge responsibility of raising a child. He is always the unsung, upraised and unnoticed member, yet the most valuable asset of any son or daughter. Imbibing and upholding these great thoughts in them, the children of Smart Indian School honoured their fathers in the most elegant way on this father’s day.


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