Ever since time immemorial the mankind has erected great monuments in the field of art, culture and literature and hit the beholders out of the park with its inspiration and beauty.A saga which stood a notch above the rest of the events by entwining and gluing the participants through the days of treasure hunt was a sweet remembrance in the chronicle of the school. The maiden ‘Talent Hunt’ which was conducted on 17th and 19th of October proved all the passion to have the purest sense of art, culture and literature. The grand opening day was graced by the Chief Guest – Mr. Sunoj Nambiar – Managing Executive, IIK; Chairman of Bhavans Middle East – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon; the Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer; Vice-Principal of SIS – Ms. Albin Daisy; KG Supervisor – Ms.Rajni Menon and teachers.

The awesome trio’s hunt kept the bubbling faces snowed under, with lots of activities as the treasure hunt garnered a great praise among the students and parent community.Life bustled around the announcer’s desk as it kept brimming with exciting surprises of winners and prizes. The day kicked off with the Kuwait National Anthem followed by the recital of the Holy Quran and prayer. Inaugural ceremony launched the Odyssey’s theme song which was penned and composed by our own staff. The never-ending journey that takes us on the road to success showed a different side of SIS by having student artists to be the creators of the chief Guest’s mementos. The sweet remembrance ‘Madhubanni’ which shed light in the quest for school’s pursuit of innovation was well received by the audience. The video coverage that blew up the inexplicable visual creation journeyed deep into the hearts of many to let them live the days of avant-garde.A plethora of hues traversed the day making the students to be immersed in zest and zeal.

A futuristic canopy portrayed by the students amalgamating fantasy with magical abilities set the beauty of the surreal world. Poetry that flourished from the mouths of tiny tots was beget from the room ‘Talk the Poem’. A far-reaching creation from the little grey cells of the astounding kids gave stories beyond reach in ‘Spin a Yarn’. Age old fables were twisted and turned to form butterflies of catchy colours in the version of creative and retold stories in ‘Visual Play’, ’Acoustic Story Time’ and ‘Twist the Fable’.Tales of incredible hilarity that nearly made hearers immerse in the sea of gullibility just by the theory of magnetizing narration was witnessed in ‘Tall Tale’. Fascinated closure of events came around at noon to let the students resume their academics. Laughter and glee were kept on hold for Friday and set off on Saturday to avail the best that the school could offer in art, culture and literature for both parents and students.

The events comprising of ‘Roll the Mould’ and ‘Recycle Junction’challenged the minds to conjure an invention from the mounds of products which they had. Collage making was explored in ‘Bit Bite’. Painting and sketching on the paper &T-Shirts found its beauty in ‘Mosaic Art’ and ‘Tee Zee Designing’. Overwhelming creation of artwork found its way through unaccompanied picture for ‘Art Attack’. Full-throttled performances that culminated myriad of dances like cinematic style and western ended up as a roaring finish in ‘Retro Futurism’ and ‘Foot Loose’.The emotional countdown to choreograph on the spot was hiked and regaled for its amazing outcome in ‘Feel the Beat’ and ‘Step withSynchro’.Guaranteed satisfaction had finally sparkled in thenuances of beats and voice modulation in ‘Golden Voice’ and ‘Beat Box Battle’. Lush visuals and finest captures of the students through the lens of camera which turned impressive in every frame were recorded for ‘Snap the Shot’ and ‘Odyssey on Reel’. ‘Pictionary’ brought out the creative aspect of words. Impromptu advertisement showcased absorbing result of creation in ‘Ad Mad’. Other events that fuelled the parade of fantastic ripples were‘Dubsmash’, ‘Team to Step’, ‘Quick Switch’, ‘Splash’, ‘Clay Sculpture’ and ‘Smarties on Air’.

The events glittered endlessly with different hues as it was made special by having parents as competitors, judges and speakers. This new wave of dawn that made parents to pitch in as the show-stealers along with their children was over the moon to all who had gathered on the day.All the parent judges and winners of all events fetched certificates and mementos for their participation and enthusiasm.

Valediction indeed thrusts memories but it also paves way for a yet another moment in expectance. The honorable Chief Guest Mr. Amitabh Ranjan – Second Secretary of Education & Community Affairs (PIC) to the Indian Ambassador graced the valedictory occasion along with the management. The chief Guest, in his address, delivered the words of encouragement and motivation to keep the hunt for talents going in the days to come and gave away the prizes for the winners.

The parents and students were the star-studded pearls for ODYSSEY 2019.The day disclosed a mélange of events that rejuvenated invigoration among the students and nostalgia for parent participants. Parents congregating the premises in anticipation to be a part of various competitions turned a pretty sight of the day. The spirit of competition, winning and amassing memories gave away a plethora of emotions for the participants.

 Odyssey – a milestone in Bhavans Smart Indian School procured many plaudits for yielding in to the noble thoughts that come from every side.


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