Bhavans, SIS with the aim to connect students to post-secondary and scholarship opportunities, initiated a session on Digital SAT and Roadmap to College admissions on 8 May 2023. The keynote speaker of the day was Mr. Michael, Head Counselor – Career and College admissions associated with Score Plus Princeton Review Kuwait. Pranshu Pathak a student of grade 11, welcomed the speaker and the inquisitive listeners gathered to witness the informative session.

Mr. Michael made clear the significance of the ‘Scholastic Aptitude Test’ (SAT) as an essential requirement for admissions into colleges and universities all over the United States. He mentioned, SAT continues to play a vital role in the holistic admission process and apprised the students the expected changes which includes, complete digitalization from the current academic year, time duration to be reduced from three hours to two hours with more time per question, shorter reading passages, permission to use calculators on the entire math section and the advantage of getting the scores back in days instead of weeks. He also highlighted that the students would be permitted to use their own devices (laptop or tablet) or a school issued device during the test.

Furthermore, he touched upon the importance of involvement in community service programs, pursuing a hobby, working in group, summer activities etc. as an added advantage to impress the admission officer and the details could be entered in the personal essay while applying to universities in the US. Mr. Michael clarified the queries raised by the students to the best of their understanding.  The session concluded with an appreciation note by the Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer who opined the session as an informative one for students desiring to pursue their higher studies in the U.S. Mr. Michael was felicitated with a memento by the principal in the presence of the Vice-Principal Ms. Albin Daisy and the School Counselor Ms. Anju Jacob, as an acknowledgement for his interest in volunteering to reach out to the young learners who had undoubtedly benefitted from the session.


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