Ruskin Bond has rightly said that books are the keys to the ‘Kings’ Treasuries’

and without the knowledge of English it is not possible to have access to this.

Bhavans S mart Indian School celebrated English Language and World Book Day on Thursday, 21st April 2022. English language not only adds a touch of convenience to communication in general but has been a gateway of art in the form of literature of lots of writers around the globe. This day marks the birth and death anniversary of the great English poet and playwright William Shakespeare. It is an occasion to pay tribute to books and authors.

On account of English Language and World Book Day, English department organised different activities for the students at SIS.

Children of grades one and two had a fashion show based on their favourite storybook characters. It was a wonderful treat to see them walk the ramp dressed up as their favourite character. Grades three to five were engaged in decorating the bulletin boards with quotations, sketch of characters, storybook cover pages, and pictures of famous authors. Students of grades six to twelve attended a webinar by Dr. Sajo Jose on the ‘Pragmatic Uses of English Language’. The programme that started at 8.15 am on the Zoom platform captivated the young minds and concluded with engrossing speeches by Principal and Vice Principal.

Books are considered the bridge between the past and the present and across generations and cultures. Celebrating days such as this is  of  great significance as it is a tribute to famous writers and an honour to English language. This commemoration is sure to help our students to read and live better.


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