Diwali festival illuminates Smart Indian School!

Smart Indian School had its celebration for Diwali on 18th of October, 2017 in its school premises with the succession of programs conducted colorfully by the heart winning beauties of different wings of the school. The day wonderfully marked into the yield of goodwill, prosperity, safety and to give up agonies, sorrows and perils. The school which takes pride in the way of showing difference commemorated the day by channelizing and cherishing “Green Diwali” with a motto to hold fast to the eco-friendly dissemination of lights and stressed on the avoidance of smoky pandemonium that had been the custom of the festive from time immemorial.

Keeping these in mind, our mesmerizing kindergarteners enthralled the audience and blessed the day by putting on their artless expressions and outdid the rest of the organizers with their capturing skit on the portrayal of one of the deities from Ramayana and  strengthened the notion of ‘safe’ Diwali which had been touched by all other conductors coupled with their mellifluous dance to showcase the spirit of Diwali. The grade 1 students of our prestigious school, organized a special assembly consisting of the graceful dance on the significance of having safe and sound Diwali and definitely left the message to mull over in times ahead.

Graders 4 stunned the audience group of grades 3,4 and 5 with their passionate program that rightly showed their talents on inspiring the attendees. The sparkling one hour program had a lot to say with a presentation of skit, solo dance, group song and dance as well. The focus was completely fulfilled by showing the future generation with a thought to carry home and an act to practice.  8th graders’ program in every way was the highlight of the day, which made the viewers relish with their debutante French song as a choir and the moment turned into an exhilarating one for both the ends. A video clipping centering on the predominance of joy on this day of light more than the mere festival, paved way to internalize ‘Green’ Diwali in its truest sense.

Thus the day finally had its halt by the powerful message of the Principal who condensed it in two lines; to keep the good thoughts and  good works going in all possible ways and from all possible sides. “Let noble thought come to us from every side.”

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