The spirit of any festival is felt the most when we come together as a family, community, and country to celebrate it together. Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated in various regions across India. There goes with the gorgeous festival the snacks and sweets which everyone likes as a royal feast. The name ‘Deepavali’ literally means an ‘array of lights’ and lights are harbinger of joy and prosperity. To make the students understand the importance of Diwali, Smart Indian School had a celebration on in  a virtual platform. It was partaken by Principal, Vice- Principal, HoDs, teachers and children.

Teachers explained the importance of Diwali as the festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. Children of grades one and two made diyas with colourful papers and glitters. Teachers applauded the efforts of the children and urged them to celebrate a clean, green and safe Diwali.

Children from grades four to nine witnessed the celebration through Zoom. There were speeches and beautiful dances which won the hearts. The entire environment was vibrating with positive thoughts.  The Principal Mr.Mahesh Iyer appreciated children for their efforts and wished them for the new beginnings. Everybody enjoyed the Diwali celebrations wholeheartedly. It was happiness in the air and Diwali everywhere.

Let’s light up together the lamp of hope, savour the delicacy of happiness, may the world inhale positivity and exhale negativity.


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