A distinguishing trait of Bhavans is that it always looks out for opportunities to enhance the abilities of its young scholars. On the 15th of October 2022 an educative, online session was conducted for the psychology students of Grade 11 of all Bhavans Middle East Schools in the zoom platform. The session was coordinated by Ms. Anju Jacob, School Counselor- Smart Indian School, Kuwait in the presence of the school’s Vice Principal Ms. Albin Daisy. After a warm welcome speech by Ms. Theertha Sunil, a psychology teacher of BIS Bahrain, the chief guest, Dr. Preet Kamal Bhatnagar, who completed her PG and PhD in child development and resource management, and the current Senior Academic Coordinator of BIS, shared with the audience her gems of knowledge on the different stages of childhood development.

Dr. Preet started off with a simple, yet interactive introduction, questioning the audience before talking about the topic to establish an interactive atmosphere and she received enthusiastic responses in return. After learning about the patterns of development, cephalocaudal and proximodistal, the students were introduced to the factors that influence childhood development, enlightened about the domains, or in layman’s terms, categories of development, including but not limited to social development, physical development and cognitive development and educated on the various theories and works of the pioneers who predated them in the field, namely with Piaget’s cognitive developmental stages and Erikson’s theory on socio-emotional development.

Towards the end, a discussion period was kept for doubt clearance. The young psychologists-to-be bombarded Dr. Preet with doubt after doubt, a natural result of their curiosity and evidence as to how much they enjoyed the session. This curiosity was satisfied with a patient, succinct answer for each student, that not only satiated the questions in their mind, but encouraged their own research to take form to find out more. It is obvious that Dr. Preet deserves tons of appreciation for such an incredible session, which she received from the Bhavans family in the form of a virtual certificate from Ms. Albin Daisy, the Vice Principal of SIS, Kuwait on behalf of The Chairman and The Principal. The session was  wrapped up after the vote of thanks by Ms. Bandana, a psychology teacher at Al Saad Indian School, Al Ain. The students have undoubtedly gained crucial information from this talk and are anxiously awaiting many more of similarly exceptional quality, to satisfy their never-ending hunger for knowledge.


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