A refreshing “Fruit Salad Day” and “Nutrition Day” were celebrated in Bhavans Smart Indian School on 10th September 2020. Fruits and health mutually complement each other and “A day without a fruit is a day without a shine.”

 By bringing the Nutrition day and Fruit Salad Day together was an innovative way of making the tiny tots learn about the importance of fruits in our balanced diet and their nutritive value. It was also to make them relish all the fruits in the form of salad in the tastier way.

To highlight the importance of having fruits in our daily diet, tiny tots were asked to get a variety of chopped fruits and to compliment the fruits, there was honey and nuts. Young kids were asked about the fruits they brought and to speak about their importance in our diet. Tiny tots were filled with excitement to showcase the fruits and to participate in the discussion about the Nutrition Day. Kids were also explained that the month of September is observed as the Nutrition month. Young toddlers were also explained about the importance of washing fruits before eating.

 The tiny tots along with their teacher took the bowl and started preparing the Fruit Salad in a virtual platform. They mixed the chopped fruits, honey and nuts and gave a nice toss to make a delicious fruit salad. Teachers along with the children had a good time while preparing the fruit salad and definitely no one had tasted better fruit salad earlier than this special day. It was indeed a fruitful day.


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