‘Cartoon Day’ empowers Kindergarteners at Bhavan’s SIS

Cartoons create a world to which kids can relate to. The extra ordinary energy and power of the main cartoon character make them a favourite among kids. The victory of good over bad allures the kids to a great extent. Technical enhancements, special effects and storyline fascinate kids to a great extent. Twists and turns in the story attract kids and adults alike. Kids love funny things and cartoons. Apart from this, colour, voice, and the adventures carried out by their favourite cartoon characters are all developed to capture the interest of the children.

Characters stimulate interpersonal behaviour, learning and social growth. Children associate with cartoon characters more readily than adults in many cases and tend to retain the lessons imparted more readily. If a cartoon character conveys an educational or moral lesson, then it can help them speed up the learning process in children. Cartoon characters can be taken as positive role models that encourage good moral behaviour. The characters like Superman, Jimmy Neutron and the personas in “Toy Story” impart a great deal of moral strength and intelligence.

Bringing this into consideration, the Kindergarten wing of Bhavan’s Smart Indian School celebrated its “Cartoon Day” in the school auditorium. The children came dressed up in their favourite cartoon characters and were delighted to see their peers in a similar fashion. Each child spoke on how their favourite cartoons influence them in their daily lives. An hour of educationally oriented cartoon inspired the children to dance and talk in a new, imaginative language. The children of KG2 drew an image of the ‘Angry Bird’ in their activity book. The activity for KG1 was that of colouring their favourite ‘Hello Kitty’. The Cartoon Day was a day full of positive messages and one to rejoice. It bonded the kids well. They posed with their costume to bring out the best childhood spontaneity.


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