Bhavans’ SIS aids to assimilate the agonies of Cancer…..

An Awareness campaign had glissaded in the dissemination of an hour program on the life-menacing disease, Cancer. The gathering was the total students of classes 5 to 8 accompanied by the staff in Smart Indian School auditorium on 20th February, 2018. The eminent oncologist – Dr. Susovana Sujith Nair, had her visitation here to see the students’ hard earned knowledge on cancer with the motto of promulgating it across schools to see the spirit instilled in them. The program basked in with emphasis on the message, “The more we stay away from nature, the more we are closer to cancer”. The session gilded in to apprise the formation of cancer from the term ‘tumor’, the classification of cancer according to the level of its hazardous impact on the body and the preventive measures adopted lest the disease takes its wholesome form on our body. The misconception of cancer being a contagious one is captioned, to untether the notion of illness being treated as a life-threatening phenomenon.

The assuring affirmation which was given on the cure that is totally possible when it is uprooted in its embryonic stage led the gathering to rest easier on the superficial perception of the disease. The oncologist stressed on the four various ways where we tend to induct cancer and the causes of the disease was also mentioned broadening the knowledge on the awareness. The time saw the discussion on four factors that comprised of External, Internal, Occupational & Environmental and Social & Psychological. The students actively participated in the inquiring and answering from their prior knowledge about the topic. The Principal of the school, Mr. Mahesh Iyer thanked the medical practitioner for instigating the feel of being no stranger to the subject.

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