‘Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate’ say the Kinders of Bhavans Smart Indian School with a grin.

Even when physical tutoring is nearly halted and festivities are a ‘No chance to get’ in a virtual based tutoring, the Smarters of Bhavans Smart Indian school has never abandoned festivals and one such festival was the “Chocolate Day”, celebrated on  September 17, 2020.

A great stress buster, a mood lifter, an antioxidant, a chocolate is not always a junk food. It has its own benefits. The idea of celebrating ‘Chocolate Day’ was to educate the young scholars of its health benefits. As always the children demonstrated great interest and energy in understanding the health benefits related with this rich chunk of sweetness.

The theme of the day was “Bake and Eat a Chocolate Cookie” all on their own. The kids were seen whipping and flipping, carefully patting their cookie batter on the platter, popping it into the oven on regular intervals and finally posing off for a photo click with their cookie platter waiting impatiently for it to cool down and grab it from the plate. This yummy activity made them understand that the making of a chocolate is not that easy as just unwrapping it and popping it into their mouths.

Imparting knowledge behind every aspect and a story identified with each has always been the teaching pedagogy in the Smart Indian School. The children learnt not only to bake and plate their yummy dish but also enhanced their language through rhymes and stories on chocolates.

“Chocolate is sweet, brown and yummy, I want it in my tummy.” Humming this delightful rhyme children bid good bye to their wonderful teachers. The delights of observing Chocolate Day with their classmates were seen on their glimmering faces.


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