It was one of the treasured moments for the female staff and students at Smart Indian School since the day was marked with numerous surprises showered by the menfolk to women inmates and teachers to students on March 8, 2022.

Men hosted the celebrations as they haven’t been able to do so for the last two years because of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. It is a day possibly one of the most widely observed days internationally. It was inevitable that it provided an occasion for the members of the school to ponder on the theme ‘gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’.

The eventful day was kicked off by staging an open assembly following the regular protocol of Holy Quran recital, Kuwait National Anthem, Prayer Song, School Anthem, word of the day, thought for the day, a word in five different languages, significance of the day and a classic address by the Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer. The men teachers carried out the assembly so religiously that it paved the way for students to refresh and renew their brain cells with food for their thoughts and enter into few activities like talk show, poster making, essay writing, poem writing etc. during their English Subject periods.

The impromptu program in the auditorium was organized with the ultimate objective of saluting women all over the world as well as to clearly highlight the paramount need for gender equality in today’s world. It was an entertaining, enriching and educational experience for all the staff as few staff experienced pleasant surprises of listening to their husband’s appreciative words through video clips. There were few games conducted exclusively for women and prizes were distributed to the winners. The hospitality rendered by the male staff was no exception to their magnanimous attitude and respect towards the women. The cake cutting event stole the show as the newly joined members of the family led the cake cutting ceremony. Overall it was a joyful cum memorable eventful day for all of us at SIS.

Mrs. Rekha Jaypal extended few words of thanks on behalf of all the teachers especially to the captain of the ship Mr. Mahesh Iyer the Principal and the management for making the women smile on their big day.


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