Bhavans Smart Indian School started the on-campus classes as directed by the Ministry of Education on Sunday, 26 September 2021 after a long year-and-a-half online classes. The school has thus moved further in its excellence of providing uninterrupted learning to students from only online classes to Hybrid classes successfully.

The school management has taken tireless efforts to resume the face to face classes and according to the guidelines of the ministry, a Covid Response Team has seen formed to do the follow up of the covid protocols. All the students and staff are monitored throughout the school hours.

 Learners enjoy the loveliness of the on-campus learning environment amid stringent health precautions in line with health regulations that have been monitored by the Ministry of Health, Kuwait. There has been no difficulty for the students and teachers in and around the classrooms, teachers could see all the students following the guidelines and making the environment safe and joyful,

All the teachers were very excited at the first day of school reopening as they saw the students walking into the school with joy and happiness of meeting their teachers and friends in person. There are posters with information related to covid-19 everywhere in the school. The desks in each class are set apart and morning activities are cancelled to prevent gatherings of children and few more changes leading to the new normal. Yet the students rebuild a daily routine of learning while trying to adjust to an unprecedented school year amid covid-19.

Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavans Middle East,  reiterated all the important points of the safety measures and accentuated individual responsibility towards making the Hybrid classes perfect and encouraged all the students to study cheerfully and stay strong in mind.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, the Principal of Smart Indian School appreciated all the parents for their persistent and remarkable efforts to spread the significance of on-campus learning environment by sending their wards in big numbers to school.


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